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🍎🍊🍈 Hello, hidden object fans! Here is another one of the best hidden object games waiting for your hungry fingers! If you like fantasy and fairy tales, you will enjoy being on a journey in the magical land of fantasy fruits! Begin your voyage to the wonderland, and find hidden objects in pictures! This seek and find game with a point and click game mechanics will entertain you and help you improve vocabulary and concentration! Download this hidden objects mystery and let the fantastic adventure begin! Hidden Objects Fantasy Fruits is waiting for a genius like you! Get it today and enjoy playing! 🍎🍊🍈

🍒 2000+ objects!
🍓 Incredible graphics!
🍒 Catchy melodies!
🍓 Hints –when you need help!
🍒 Zoom feature – for mobile phones only!
🍓 Free of charge!
🍒 100 % anti-boredom!

Supported languages: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese.

🍇🍉 🍌 Escape the everyday routine by hiding in the hidden object world of your imagination! The special fantasy quest is calling for you! If you like fairy tale stories like Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White you will enjoy making your own fairy tale in the land of gigantic enchanted fruits! Hidden objects adventure games are waiting for a fantasy hero like you who has the sharp eye for collecting all lost things in the mystery world. If you're looking for search and find games, you're at the right place. This fantasy game is suitable for kids and for adults and it is not only fun but also very educational! The story of the fantasy world will bring you to the mystery forest and help you enhance your ability to notice details. The objective of the game is looking for hidden objects and we're sure that you can do it like a pro! Download free today and enjoy practicing your vocabulary in world's languages! Hidden Objects Fantasy Fruits by Midva for all our loyal fans! 🍇🍉 🍌

Hidden objects in pictures for all fans of mystery puzzle games!

🍍🍏🍐 Hidden object games 2018 are in town with Hidden Objects Fantasy Fruits on the top of the list! If you're a true fan of fantasy and fairy tale stories, you will surely enjoy the best hidden object quest of the year! Become the heroes of the fantasy saga in the land of enchanted fruits! Look for candy apples and sugar bananas, but be quick and accurate and try hard to collect all hidden objects! Become the hidden objects detective in the fantasy kingdom of ours! Do the beautiful makeover of the fairy tale scenes and feel at home in the fantasy world! Let your imagination go wild and invent your own story about this hidden place! Discover all the secrets of the fantasy land and be the best player in this “search and find” game! Hidden objects with levels are waiting for a fan of Midva games! The best puzzle mystery is waiting to be solved! Enjoy the fairy tale story of the fruit forest and try to find the garden gnome! The greatest hidden objects journey begins now!

The best mystery games for all hidden objects fans! Filled with fantasy and candy fruits!

🍑🍊🍏 Hidden object new games are here for all fans of something educational and fun! If you're an explorer at heart and if adventure is your middle name, join the expedition to the forest fantasy and find hidden objects that are ingeniously placed in secret places! Revise vocabulary, improve concentration and enjoy hours of entertainment in the best hidden object puzzle 2018! The journey to the fruit fantasy land begins today and you are the smartest passenger! Show us your ingenious skills and enjoy the view of all beautifully designed objects and happy colors! The best seek and find games are here to advance your cognition, limit the boredom, and educate you! Download Hidden Objects Fantasy Fruits and have a fruity day!


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