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Looking for some old school arcade fun on your device? Go back to where it all began with the true great grandaddy of all arcade games – pinball! 🤩 Download Pinball – Smash Arcade now and get ready to flip your way through hundreds of uniquely designed playfields with a whole host of exciting and original game mechanics that bring the classic arcade experience to life right on your device.


Flip out: Pinball – Smash Arcade offers hundreds of levels, each with its own individually designed playfield, that will keep you playing all the angles and constantly adjusting your tactics to dodge and weave through an increasingly complicated set of obstacles and barriers.

A numbers game: To complete one level and unlock the next, you’ll need to break open the padlock at the top of the game by raising the score on your ball to the same number that’s on the lock. Build up the biggest score you can on your ball by bouncing it off bumpers and kickers, then slam it into the target to lower the number to zero – bullseye, you’re on to the next level.

Endless variations: In Pinball, you’ll find levels that feature just about every mechanism that’s ever graced a pinball table, including slingshots, gates, switches, portals, and a whole lot more that ensures an action-packed game every time you play.

Turn the tables: If you’re stuck on a really tricky level, there’s a range of different boosters you can use to help you reach the target, including triple balls, a points doubler, and many more. Unlock new boosters as you progress through levels for even more exciting gameplay on the tables.

Crystal clear: Pick up crystals from the table as you play and use them not only to buy in-level boosters, but also to visit the shop where you can personalize the pinball table and balls, with a range of different designs to unlock.

A great side gig! As well as regular classic tables, you can also stock up on larger numbers of crystals by playing crazy bonus levels where the rewards are great and the gameplay’s particularly wild.

Haptastic: Carefully designed sound and haptic effects give your device the feel of a real pinball table, making the playing experience of this classic arcade game even more immersive.


Looking for some old-school arcade fun on your device? Ready to demonstrate your absolute pinball wizardry?

Burn up the tables in this fun and fast-moving pinball simulator that boasts a huge range of classic and original features that bring the legendary arcade entertainment to vibrant life.

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