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What is Rain?
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Rain Technologies Inc
Jun 10, 2022
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What is Rain?
Rain is India’s first Earned Wage Access platform that allows a salaried employee to access daily portions of their salary that they are entitled to after an honest day’s work at any firm. Rain empowers the employee users to reach financial independence without having to rely on predatory finance providers. All the employee has to do is provide document proofs for salary validation and complete the aadhaar based, mandated (paperless) eKYC to get instant access to their earned salary. No more waiting for the next payday.
Rain has partnered with registered NBFCs and is backed by marquee investors with a global reputation in the field of financial innovations. We cater to both businesses and individuals as long as they are on a registered company’s payroll.

Why Rain?
Rain provides instant access to cash to the employee users at minimal cost. What’s more is that it has a one-time repayment, eliminating EMIs and exorbitant interest[s]. Given the transparency and straightforward service, Rain makes for an excellent emergency finance portal that gives the employee users peace of mind and financial security.

Who is Rain for?
Any Indian employee, working in a registered and recognised company can use Rain, either as an employee benefit offered by our employer partner, i.e., the company the user is employed at, OR as an independent user. The employee user has to be employed for at least three months at the firm to be able to use Rain.

Services Provided
At the moment, Rain offers instant access to a percentage of the employee user’s earned salary on any given day in a month. The accrued amount is reflected in the app’s dashboard and increases daily till the end of the month, resets on the first day of the next month.
Transaction breakup (Fees and Charges): There is a slab-based withdrawal fee for every transaction. Below is an example of the fee breakup for a transaction:

* Withdrawn amount: ₹ 10,000
* Interest rate: 0%
* Disbursement Fees: ₹ 275 (GST included)
* Disbursed amount: ₹ 9,725
* Total loan repayment amount on the salary day: ₹ 10,000

RBI Compliance
Rain has partnered with RBI authorized & regulated NBFC partners, like Total Investments (registration number: 13.00753). Our policies and services are fully regulated and legally compliant. We are 100% RBI-compliant in all processes duly defined by the RBI.

Data Safety & Security
* Rain is SOC 2 Type 1 certified and utilizes AWS for secure cloud computing with business continuity and disaster recovery
* Data at rest and in transit is encrypted
* Customer data is stored & processed in India
* Rain employees do not have access to customer information
* Privacy Policy – https://www.rain.us/india/privacy.html
* Terms & Conditions – https://www.rain.us/india/terms.html

Customer Support info:
Phone Number: 080-47187727
Monday to Friday: 7am – 9pm
Saturday and Sunday: 10am – 7pm
Email: [email protected].


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