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Download Vanced Youth - Tube vanced manager now and enjoy many features for video editing.
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Youtube Vanced APK (latest version), Download Vanced YouTube apk vanced manager now and enjoy many features for video editing.

Edit your videos easily with Vanced Youth – Tube vanced manager which will make it much more easier and efficient for every video editor.

Many features provided by Vanced YouTube apk vanced manager are available for free such as : Video mixer, audio joiner, Fast motion, Slow motion, video collage, video compressor, video converter, video mute, video mirror, video rotate, video split, video to audio and more to discover.

All in one simple app : Vanced Youth – Tube vanced manager.

You can use Vanced Youth – Tube vanced manager to edit your favorite videos to share them with friends and family.

Use Vanced Youth – Tube vanced manager now to manage your videos and mix audio with video or you can mix videos between them or even mute main audio and use you favorite one.

Thanks for downloading Vanced Youth – Tube vanced manager, we hope you like it !

If you are using a smartphone, you should use the YouTube Vanced 17.06.66 Apk, the youtube fashion apk is an app that provides streaming services, but the main problem is the wide range of advertisements.

As you may know, the YouTube platform is one of the most popular in the world and is used by everyone who owns an Android mobile phone at the moment, and the YouTube platform is the most used.

Because when people upload movies and comics, you can get a lot of entertainment with them by uploading them on YouTube. The most technical ones are in high demand today. If you want to use YouTube, we’ll share it without ads.

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If you are using this youtube super mode apk dark mode and are shrinking the screen in your jutuba background, then ads from this mode app will also be disabled. The YouTube app is the most popular video streaming program used by billions of people every month.

YouTube Vanced 17.06.66 App added a lot of features that are not in the original YouTube. This feature will only be available if you purchase an initial YouTube premium subscription because you can watch it without video ads.

You can easily watch any movie; He can choose the job he wants. Watch low-quality movies or HD-4K quality videos.

If you like a movie or any other video on YouTube, you can download it. Below you can see the download button. Click it and I will download it. This will go directly to your file manager. Then you can use it without the internet. This is a great option for streaming anytime without the internet.

For those who can’t afford it, the service has been launched in YouTube Vanced 17.06.66 App. He uses it the most. However, the YouTube application is the most widely used in America.

About YouTube Vanced 17.06.66 Apk

YouTube Vanced 17.06.66 Apk is a very useful application that allows you to download your favorite videos from YouTube quickly, easily and easily.

The best thing about Vanced is that the interface is like the official YouTube Vanced 17.06.66 app. It makes it easy to find your favorite videos and then download them easily

So once you find the video from the Vanced platform, all you have to do to start downloading is tap on the video down arrow. Then, depending on the device you want to watch the video on, you can choose the resolution and other settings to suit your needs.

You can play videos or YouTube music, use other apps with YouTube, and play your music. In YouTube Vanced 17.06.66 App you will find all the features of YouTube Premium APK that are less talked about. So we wrote the whole section for him. You can read them and understand the features of YouTube MOD APK But first let’s get to know about YouTube.

Before talking about Youtube Vanced APK, I would like to explain something about YouTube Original. So that you can easily understand what Youtube Vanced MOD is. Well, no introduction to YouTube is required.

It is a popular video streaming site around the world. Where millions of videos are watched. Millions of people watch videos every day and spend time on YouTube. The same millions of people have become millionaires via YouTube. Views can be viewed on YouTube in almost any language.

YouTube Vanced 17.06.66 Apk Features

Texture function:

This feature makes it easy for users to find the most popular videos of interest to the community right now. Includes entertainment, news and current affairs videos. What’s special is that these videos are constantly changing the order of the letters based on one-day coverage.

Support for virtual reality videos

While virtual reality videos are popular nowadays, there are not many programs that allow users to watch these videos. This application allows users to adjust the live broadcast time. Turn your head to look around at sports shows, concerts and more. Videos and sounds change as the user leaves.

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Community benefits

Only for YouTube channels. Here, creators can send messages (including text, images, videos, or animations) to viewers without having to post videos as usual. This feature encourages YouTube users to better interact with their audience.

In addition, this program integrates many more excellent features that we cannot cover in one article. So to get the best experience, you need to have fun.

MP3 Converter

Youtube Vanced is also an effective MP3 converter. If a user wants to extract audio from a downloaded video file, they can use YouTube Vanced and get the job done. The process of extracting MP3 from video is also easy.

Play a video in the background

This is a special feature of YouTube Wends, which is not available in most video games around the world. YouTube comes with a high-end built-in video player. This video player can play videos in the background. As a result, users can run various applications while playing videos.

Zoom in and out on the video

Zoom in or out if you want to watch a video. You can do this with Youtube Vanced. Let me tell you – this is a great feature that you won’t find in the original YouTube version.

No itinerary required

If you don’t have a rooted Android phone. You can download and download this app because YouTube Wensed Hack APK is also adapted for non-rooted devices. In many cases, rooted cell phones cause problems because this program can be downloaded and installed on non-rooted devices.

Lots of YouTube apps

The special thing about this app is that you can use the original YouTube app with this app. I downloaded both programs on my phone. And they’re both doing great.

All you have to do is download the latest version of YouTube Vanced here. So you can enjoy the latest videos.

Silent procedure

The YouTube Vanced 17.06.66 application allows users to watch videos without an internet connection. Yes, you heard that right. Once you’ve downloaded your favorite videos, you don’t have to spend your data plan to watch those videos again.

These features will help you have fun while you are in a place where there is no internet connection

Automatic repeat

YouTube Vanced is a lighter version of the original YouTube app with a few additional features. It works in offline mode, supports PIP and has no ads With YouTube Vanced, users can now control brightness and volume with a single swipe.

This app provides customizable padding just like any other video game player like MX Player. It has no ads, no links to external websites or purchases, and no option to download videos for offline viewing.

The magic wand music

YouTube Vanced 17.06.66 Ap is an application for Android devices. It’s only available in the Google Play Store. It has all the features of a regular YouTube application, but with a few minor exceptions.

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The only exception is his own music program. This means that you can listen to music while browsing videos so that you completely forget about commercials.

More Features

  • Dark and black interface themes to reduce eye and battery strain.
  • Blocks all ads and allows you to play videos in the background or in Picture-in-Picture mode (only on Android 8.0 and higher).
  • The new auto-repeat feature allows you to enjoy videos such as TikTok / vines, or just keep playing the song in a loop.
  • Don’t like the new comments section or the mini player? They can also be switched to the tablet versions, which are very similar to the old version (although a bit buggy).
  • Allows you to override codec settings, such as forcing H264 for older devices or VP9, and forcing HDR playback or disabling 60fps. (Custom device configurations for these features can be found on our Discord or XDA)
  • The ability to set the highest or lowest default video resolution and even override the screen resolution for 4k playback on any device, and allows you to change the default playback speed from 0.25x to 2x (assuming your device is powerful enough).
  • Allows you to turn off home ads, most UI ads, product ads, community posts, extra movie sales, compact banner information (like covid information), completely remove comments, and more!
  • Ability to skip annoying sponsor segments (when a blogger advertises a service or product in the middle of a video).
  • The feature also supports skipping other categories, such as intros, endings, and subscription reminders.
  • Full control over whether to automatically skip a segment category or display a button to skip it, or not to skip it at all.
  • Highlights parts of the video in a certain color depending on the category.


If you prefer a cinematic feel, H264 enables older devices or replaces codec options such as VP9, ​​HDR imaging or 60fps reduction. (Personal device configuration for these features can be found in our Dispute or XDA)

Set the default video resolution as high or low as you like and ignore your screen resolution for fast 4K playback on any device and you can change the default playback speed to between 0.25x and 2x (if your device is strong enough). A

Allows you to change home ads, most UI ads, commercials, community postings, movie sales, compact tape information (e.g. covid information), complete deletion of comments, compact film, removal of movie shelf, and more!

Sponsorship block

  • With the ability to exclude annoying sponsor categories (where a YouTuber advertises a service or product in the middle of a video)
  • It supports the omission of other sections such as introduction, end, and subscription reminders.
  • Using the APIs found here. You can learn more about how it works
  • This allows you to submit your segment to the API and contribute to the wider community
  • Full control over automatic section deletion, drop-down display, or simply no exit.
  • Highlights the segment in a specific color based on the breeding timeline range.

Disgust returns to YouTube

  • Delete the likes counter so you can see the number of likes in the video again.
  • Return YouTubeTM Dislike API can be found here. Click here to learn more about how it works.
  • It uses extensions and dislikes from a broad user base to estimate total dislikes for new videos and data stored for old videos.

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Ads are an essential element of funding online publications and artists, but many people don’t want to see them on YouTube, which is understandable. Advanced features built-in ad blocking settings. You may change the parameters to get it to function the way you want it to.

YouTube Vanced 17.06.66 and Vanced both have the ability to play videos in the background (outside of the YouTube app).

Although not all phones have HDR compatibility in the YouTube app, Vanced may force it. HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range,” and it may dramatically increase video quality.

This function enables you to view videos at resolutions that your device would typically block.

Pinch to zoom in on a video so it fills up the full display on phones with larger aspect ratios, such as the Samsung Galaxy S9. You can accomplish this with Vanced on any device with any aspect ratio.

Everyone likes themes, and Vance has a number of them to select from. Although the official YouTube Vanced 17.06.66 app lacks a dark theme, Vanced offers dark, black, and a few additional color options. White is the default theme.

If you have an Android Oreo smartphone, Vanced, like the official app, supports picture-in-picture mode.

If you don’t like the new YouTube video window that appears after you reduce a video, you may disable it. You may pick between the new and classic styles in Vanced.

You may use this function to make a video play again after it has finished. Although music videos are a natural fit, it may be used to any video. Choose a video that you like and watch it again and over.

Choose your chosen video resolution and playing speed, and it will remember your preferences for all future videos.

Swipe controls for volume and brightness make it simple to modify these settings while viewing a movie, particularly if it’s in full screen mode.

This App Is Safe

100% Free & Safe – There are many android apps websites out there where you can find links to download YouTube advanced MOD APK, but we don’t recommend you to do so. If you want to try YouTube premium services,

then consider buying it from the real YouTube website or you can find the same option in YouTube app APK provided on this page. If you will use any kind of hack or MOD, then there are chances that your account can get banned.

Stream video without ads

Watching videos with advertisements is really annoying and a waste of time and data. The best thing about YouTube Vansed is that it has an automatic ad blocker that automatically blocks all other ads from home ads, UI ads, compact banners, sponsored ads, and part of the video hub.

As we know, this is a high-quality feature of YouTube and requires a subscription to use it But with Vanced Apk you can watch all your favorite videos and listen to your favorite songs without ads or commercials.

However, if you are considering using Wensd for songs only, I suggest that you use YouTube Music Premium Apk instead.

Which stick variant should I choose: root or non-root?

In terms of user experience, there is almost no difference between the original and the non-rooted build.

Rooted version: The original version of Vanced essentially replaces the official YouTube app. This allows you to directly access YouTube links or call Google Assistant through a regular application.